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NEWS 03/28/16/1455 - Audition Board resumes updates.
We are now accepting audition posts for our audition board, once again. Send us audition information for independent films, stage productions, and theatre, and we will post the notices free of charge.
We reserve the right to refuse any submission without cause or reason. Audition or job posts used to bait actors into buying services or products, or offers which are scams, will not be tolerated, and posters will be banned from using this site to post their offers.
Audition or job posts for projects which the poster exploits actors as free labor will also not be tolerated; we will not post job or audition notices for fake jobs. This is different from collaborations or deferred pay; as a rule of thumb, if you get paid, the actors need to get paid.

Please keep in mind that this is a public posting board; we do not check posts, other than to verify website and email addresses are working at the time of posting. Use at your own risk; Florida Actors does not assume liability for any interactions or contacts that you encounter using this audition board. Avoid actor job scams: Never buy anything from anyone advertising an audition, a role, or acting work. Never buy anything from anyone who uses the promise of a job to lure you in, and then requires you to by something in order to be considered for a job.

Florida independent film warning: 50% of the independent films in Florida are not worth getting involved with. Use caution when dealing with castings for horror films and for roles which exploit actresses. High-risk work such as this will undermine your marketability as an actor, and can even cripple your career. Protect the use of your likeness, and your acting career. Screen the indie films that a filmmaker has done before responding to any audition notice, and make sure that the film is worth getting involved with, especially if there is little to no pay. You may also wish to see samples of the screenplay, especially if the filmmaker or film production company has not done any films that you can watch. For more about independent film and indie filmmaking in Florida, please check out our sister sites, which we are affiliated with, at Tampa Bay Film, or at Tampa Film Revolution, which is a publication of Tampa Bay Film.

Acting Job Audition Posts

05/11/13 - 9th Annual TLC (Theater and arts Lover's Community) Talent Show.
Posted By: Lisa Walkowitz  Website: http://theaterloverscommunity.com/
Job Description: All kinds of creative talent acts. Singers
O.K., but other acts are highly encouraged. Dancers, Comedians,
Actors, Jugglers, etc. No act is too creative or strange.
Principle Roles:
Extra Roles: N/A
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: Theater and arts Lovers' Community
Casting Director: Richard Webster
Job Location:  South Miami
Job/Audition Date:  Ongoing
Job Compensation:  Prizes. Must be available for the evening of Saturday, May 18th.
Contact:  Richard Webster or (305) 519-3720 (email preferred).

05/10/13 - Feature Independent Film Casting: "I Love You Because".
Posted By: casting@dajavufilms.com  Website: www.dajavufilms.com
Job Description: We are casting our 8th film, I LOVE YOU BECAUSE, based
upon a play written by playwright, Thomas J. Kline. I LOVE YOU BECAUSE
is a wonderful story which chronicles the journey of Natalie and Kevin
as they experience the ups and downs of pregnancy. Part drama, part
comedy, I LOVE YOU BECAUSE touches on the universal themes of what it
means to love someone, happiness, fear, and that it's ok to ask for help
once in awhile!
Principle Roles:
Kevin - Role Cast,
Natalie - Female, 18 - 27 Natalie unexpectedly finds herself pregnant,
and must face her fears that her boyfriend, Kevin, will leave her
because he doesn't want to have a baby.
Rainey - Female, 18 - 27 Natalie's spunky younger sister. She's a bit
wild, but is always there to support her sister.
Ron - Male, 55 - 67Kevin's father. He's a pastor and encourages Kevin to
tell Natalie why he is afraid of having a baby.
Marnie - Female, 27 - 59 The midwife Natalie and Kevin decide to hire.
Marsha - Female, 55 - 65 Natalie and Rainey's mother. She's a hippie who
can't help telling people what's on her mind.
We have several other roles for both actors and actresses of various age

Extra Roles: Party guests
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: Daja Vu Films
Casting Director: David Brown
Job Location:  TBA
Job/Audition Date:  TBA
Job Compensation:  Varies depending on role.
Contact:  David Brown

Posted By: tseiler@highnoontv.com  Website: www.highnoontv.com
A national television series is coming to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday, 5/10 to film outgoing friends having an amazing time riding the Seabob - the world's fastest underwater scooter!
We're looking for 4 attractive, fun-loving and energetic friends (male & female) in their 30's/40's to be filmed while experiencing this amazing ride. Have an interesting backstory as to why you want to participate? Even better!
The Seabob reaches speeds over water up to 12.4 mph and up to 8.7 mph under water!
We will need you to be interacting with each other while having a great time! This is a once-in-lifetime fun opportunity! Everyone needs to be available for filming all day on 5/10, must be a strong swimmer and be comfortable riding this ride numerous times throughout the day.
Interested? Then email a current full body photo along with your contact into to Tina at tseiler@highnoontv.com. Please tell us something about yourselves.
Principle Roles:
Varies.See job description.
Extra Roles: N/A
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: High Noon TV
Casting Director: Kim Seiler
Job Location:  Ft. Lauderdale
Job/Audition Date:  May 10, 2013 (We ask that anyone posting auditions do so at least a week in advance. This was posted very close to the actual job date, which will limit the responses that it will get;actors may see it, but working, experienced actors, which you would need to for this, have schedules filled up, and may not be available for this on such short notice. - ED).
Job Compensation:  Not specified (Please specify rates for something like this; the "National TV" line in the header appears to be designed to entice talent and seems to imply that the "pay" is national exposure, which most professionals are not interested in because they automatically get exposure with paying jobs. National television commercial rates are usually $50,000.00, plus residuals, on average, but the poster did not specify any rate, so you should not expect this, especially when it seems to imply that the pay is "exposure". This also seems to be a cake model job with no principle or speaking role, so models, and usual modeling rates, should apply. Additionally, this seems to be a television series segment, and not a commercial, so national commercial pay would not apply. It had better pay for something like this. - ED).
Contact:  Kim Seiler

04/02/13 - Feature Independent Film Casting: "Cry For The Bad Man".
Posted By: cryforthebadmanmovie@gmail.com  Partner Website: www.tkentertainmentlaw.com/
Job Description: Chance In Hell Productions (in partnership with the producers of "Devil's Carnival" and "Silent Night") is currently casting for the feature film "Cry For The Bad Man.". This will be a 12 - 14 day shoot plus 4 days of rehearsal in Jacksonville, Fl and St. Mary's Georgia.
Principle Roles:
*Wayne Macmohan - Male, late 20s/early 30s. Eldest of 3 Macmahon brothers. The leader of the group of men who antagonize Marsha Kane. Wayne is cold, calculated and eerily sinister.
*Derrek Macmohan - Male, mid-late 20s. Middle brother to Wayne and Billy Jr. Derrek is a skilled hunter but not the brightest of the pack. He struggles with the actions of his brothers.
*Lee Colby - Male, mid-late 20s. Lee is a friend of the Macmahon brothers and along for the ride.
*Mr.Callahan - Male, 40s-50s. Mr.Callahan appears somewhat out-of-place in the small southern town. A classically-minded cowboy who sells firearms to Marsha.
*Deputy Jesse Pyle - Male, 30s-40s, Corrupt small-town deputy.
*Travis Kane - Male, 20s. Travis is a former athlete in a semi-conscious state after suffering a devastating brain injury.
*Henry Morgan - Male, 50s. A friend of Marsha's late husband who introduces her to Mr.Callahan.
*Locals - 2 males needed. 20s-40s. Redneck types. They provide insight into Marsha's reputation in the town and harass her in the town's watering hole.
*Denise - Female, 40s. The rough yet kind-hearted waitress at a local bar.
Extra Roles: Not Specified.
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: Chance In Hell Productions
Casting Director: Corina Seaburn
Job Location:  
WJCT studios
100 Festival Park Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Studio B

Job/Audition Date:  SATURDAY, April 13th at 2pm
Job Compensation:  $75.00 per day.
Contact:  Corina Seaburn

12/22/12 - Casting for Spokesperson Fort Lauderdale
Posted By: Eve Grey Website: www.twitter.com/eveproducer
Job Description: Currently seeking M/F between 25-35 for Spokesperson to represent Automotive Dealership(s) Auditions will be help Dec 27,28 between 6pm-9pm in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Area.
Full submissions (H/S, Resume, Mp3 or Demo reel) should be sent to evegreyproductions@gmail for consideration
The right candidate will be compensated and will have the opportunity to do several shoots.
No Agents or Casting Agents Please.
For more information call 818-287-8422
Principle Roles: Spokeperson
Extra Roles: N/A
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: Eve Grey Productions
Casting Director: Eve Grey
Job Location:  Fort Lauderdale
Job/Audition Date:  December 27-28, 2012
Job Compensation:  Contact for details
Contact:  evegreyproductions@gmail - Eve Grey 818-287-8422

11/08/12 - Veteran director/ writer William Blair is casting
a sci-fi short movie, "TRAVEL".

Posted By: castingcall.director@gmail.com  Website: www.castingcallhollywood.com
Job Description: Travel begins on the spectacular beaches of California.
What seemingly starts out as a typical road movie,
soon gets weirder, and wilder. The shocking
conclusion erupts at the tropical Beaches of Florida.
Coast to Coast, Travel will grip you from start to finish. Warning: Fasten your seat belts!
Principle Roles:
Waitress: 18 up;
Military officer - 50 up;
Military enlisted - 18 up;
leading lady [Love interest] 19-35;
Leading lady's best friend 19-29;
Party goers, [upscale party] 18-60;
Butler : 60 up;
Party D.J.: 22 up;
American Indian 40-70;
Security watchman: 50 up;
Hotel Clerk - 20 up;
gas station attendant: 20 up;
hairstylist: 18 up;
nails attendant: 19 up.
Extra Roles: none
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: Casting Call Hollywood
Casting Director: William Blair
Job Location:  Santa Fe, NM, Amarillo, TX, Dallas, TX, New Orleans, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL.
Job/Audition Date:  Contact for more information
Job Compensation:  Possible pay for larger roles
Contact:  William Blair

10/30/12 - Actor/actress for childrens party entertainment
Posted By: Storybook Birthdays  Website: www.storybookbirthdays.com
Job Description: Entertain children at parties. Read stories, sing, become the storybook character for 90 minutes.
Principle Roles: Princess, Prince, Pirate, Superhero
Extra Roles: none
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: Storybook Birthdays
Casting Director: Michelle Goodson
Job Location:  6120 SW 41 CT Davie, FL 33314
Job/Audition Date:  By appointment
Job Compensation:  $40 per event located in Broward
Contact:  Michelle 754-244-7390

10/04/12 - Army Sargeant (with Uniform)
Posted By: andy@sumslondon.com  Website: SUMS* Film and Media Ltd.
Male or female actor required with army uniform. Required for 30 minute live performance in South Beach, Miami.
Union/ Non Union: Non Union
Company Name: SUMS Film and Media
Casting Director: N/A
Job Location:  South Beach (TBC)
Job/Audition Date:  24th October, 2012 - for performance 27th October 2012
Job Compensation:  $170
Contact:  andy@sumslondon.com or on +447789 377033

Extras Needed for Ultra Low Budget Web Pilot
Posted By: contact@walkingwolfproductions.com  08/31/12  Website: Walking Wolf Productions
We are in the pre-production of our ultra low budget web series pilot "Under The Sun". We are interested in hiring 2 featured extras and 4 background extras for our Miami location. The time of the shoot for this particular scene will be on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 from 8:30pm to 12:30am (4 Hours). The scene will consist in a pool party (BBQ) at night in the pool area of a family home. The extras will be interacting with each other as the lead cast performs the scene.
- Attractive Woman 32yrs old (Action: Needs to take a picture of the lead talent of the story as they interact and have fun in the party)
- Good Looking Man 35 yrs old (Action: Plays with his drink and laughs as he falls on the floor when passing next to the lead talent of the story)
- 2 Attractive Women in their mid-20s (Action: Laugh with the main characters as one of the featured extras falls with his drink on the floor).
- 2 Attractive Men in t heir early 30s (Action: Laugh with the main characters as one of the featured extras falls with his drink on the floor).
- Featured Extras = $50/Day
- Background Extras = $25/Day
Job Location:  Miami
Job/Audition Date:  September 5th.
Job Compensation:  Background: $25/day, Featured: $50/day.
Contact:  contact@walkingwolfproductions.com

"Vaudeville Comedy, Then and Now"
Posted By: rayandmigdalia@yahoo.com  08/31/12  Website: VAUDEVILLE COMEDY - Home_com-
Palm Bay filmmakers Ray and Migdalia Etheridge are looking for actors and comics who would like to perform in their latest video project, "Vaudeville Comedy, Then and Now".
The video will be a series of short comedy sketches, which will be edited together into a 90-minute program. Many of the scripts contain jokes and routines which were originally performed live on stage in the days of vaudeville, and later on radio programs.
We will be shooting 30 "G"-rated skits, and each skit will require two performers. There are roles for both the men, and the ladies. "Think Abbott and Costello, or Burns and Allen". You get to pick your own partner to perform with!
For information on how you can audition, see our website at http://vaudevillecomedy.weebly.com
Job Location:  Palm Bay
Job/Audition Date:  See our website for details.
Job Compensation:  None.
Contact:  Visit website for details.

Actors/actresses Needed for "Scream Dreams 3"
Posted By: horrorvideo@aol.com  07/02/12  Website: Scream Dreams - Home
Need the following actors/actresses for production:
JOANNA (LEAD); Small frame dark haired actress age 21 to 26 years. Good physical work needed, very dramatic role.
DIANA: (Support) Age 25 to 31 years. Light or blonde hair, good looking, good physical build. Must be willing to do any aspect of acting needed for part. Must be very outgoing for part.
MADDY: (Support) Africian-American, age 24 to 30 years. Good character part. Medium build.
VICKY: (Support) Asian or Caucasian background. Small frame, age 21 to 25 years. Must have small facial features.
TOM: (Support) 25 to 30. Good looking build and facial features, very outgoing person, excellent character part.
JOEY: (SUPPORT) 20 to 24 years. Thin frame, very funny personality. A very likeable character.
DR. HENDERSON: (SUPPORT) 35 to 45 years. Doctor type. Intellegent looking character. Stern looking.
Send resume and headshot to email above, SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!
Job Location:  Palm Coast (45 minutes north of Daytona beach)
Job/Audition Date:  Job dates August, shoots Mondays and Tuesday. Auditions ASAP.
Job Compensation:  No pay, Gas money will be covered if needed.
Contact:  Send resume and headshot to email above.

Actors Wanted for Play
Posted By: Epiphanytheatre@yahoo.com  07/02/12  Website: ArtServe_org
Needed: 8 gay male actors for a play that takes place in a prison.
Job Location:  Artserve, Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
Job/Audition Date:  Open.
Job Compensation:  $25.00 a show.
Contact:  Epiphanytheatre@yahoo.com

Talent Wanted for Play "Die Mommie Die!"
Posted By: Epiphanytheatre@yahoo.com  07/02/12  Website: ArtServe_org
Community theatre company needs people on stage and backstage. "Die, Mommy, Die!" by Charles Busch is a hilarious play. We need 3 women and 4 men.
Job Location:  Artserve, Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
Job/Audition Date:  Open.
Job Compensation:  $25. a show.
Contact:  Epiphanytheatre@yahoo.com

Actors/Actresses Needed
Posted By: mccar3@comcast.net  06/04/12  Website: theallianceartproject.com
Looking for creative outgoing individuals who are team players. We will be producing videos/short films to keep the public aware of the invasive species that are destroying the wildlife of the Everglades. Experience is desired, but not required. Interested parties should visit our website at www.theallianceartproject.com for more information. This should be fun.
Job Location:  Fort Lauderdale
Job/Audition Date:  Open.
Job Compensation:  Currently non-paying.
Contact:  www.theallianceartproject.com, mccar3@comcast.net

Female Lead Wanted for an Independent Full-Length Film
Posted By: Artisticviewproductions@gmail.com  01/17/12  Website: Florida Actors
Looking for a female lead between the ages of 18-28 for a role where the character is 23. This is for an independent film. No particular look is required. The film is a drama, and will be shot in Ocala and Ybor City. We will be shooting between March and May.
Job Location:  Ocala and Ybor City
Job/Audition Date:  Shooting between March and May.
Job Compensation:  Deferred.
Contact:  Please email to set up an audition time.

Children's Entertainment Co. Cast Members Wanted
Posted By: EnchantedParties@mail.com  12/28/11  Website: Enchanted Fairytale Parties- Premiere Princess & Fairytale Character Entertainment
Children's entertainment company looking for male and female actors and singers with an "all American look" to play Disney inspired roles for parties, stage shows and event performances -- must LOVE children, speak clear English and MUST BE OUTGOING! Send at least 2 casual everyday photos; no naked pics, include age, height, measurments, and shoe size. Must be dress size between 0-6.
Job Location:  Broward and Dade
Job/Audition Date:  12/29 - until positions are filled.
Job Compensation:  $35-65 per hour +++ tips.
Contact:  EnchantedParties@mail.com

Short Film in Palm Bay (Near Melbourne)
Posted By: rayandmigdalia@yahoo.com  12/21/11  Website: Home_com
Casting for a non-paid short film; "BIGFOOT'S SPRING BREAK", shooting in January. See our website for details.
Job Location:  Palm Bay (1-hour east of Orlando)
Job/Audition Date:  By appointment only.
Job Compensation:  No pay. We will allow $25/day for gas.
Contact:  See website for details.

Auditions for "bare: a pop musical"
Posted By: rayandmigdalia@yahoo.com  12/21/11  Website: bare Theatrical Rights Worldwide
Be prepared to sing 16 bars from a musical or pop music song (sheet music is preferred). Dress comfortably as a short movement combination will be taught at the audition. All performers must be 18 or have parental consent to audition for bare.
Casting Information:
Sister Chantelle - African America nun, no nonsense, belter
Claire - Peter's mother
Priest - Boarding school headmaster
Jason - most popular boy at St. Cecilia's boarding school; involved with Peter and Ivy
Peter - Jason's room mate and secret boyfriend
Nadia - Jason's sarcastic overweight twin sister
Ivy - most popular girl at St. Cecilia's
Matt - Jason's academic rival, in love with Ivy
Lucas - school drug dealer (rapping ability preferred)
Other students (2 boys, 4 girls) - all ethnicities and types (i.e. sexy, naive, nerdy, jock)
Synopsis: Set in a Catholic boarding school, the show centers on a group of friends during their senior year. Altar boy Peter is in love with his roommate Jason, one of the most popular kids in school. They are carrying on a closeted romance but Peter wants to go public with their affair, at least to his mother, whom he loves dearly. Jason isn't so keen on the idea, as he feels that his entire world would crumble if word of the relationship got out. Things get more complicated when Ivy makes a play for Jason. Her rejected suitor Matt discovers the secret that Peter and Jason have been keeping and it's only a matter of time before things start to spin out of control.
Job Location:  Auditions at the Intercontinental Hotel, Suite 140, on the Urban Two side of the hotel; 4860 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, 33609. Please use the parking garage entrance off Westhore Blvd. and take the elevator to the hotel lobby.
Job/Audition Date:  Audition Dates: January 16 and 17, 6-8 PM. January 18 (Callbacks). Production dates: April 19-22, 26-29, 2012 at the Shimberg Playhouse (Straz Center).
Job Compensation:  Non paid.
Contact:  For detailed summary, casting information and music samples, please visit www.theatricalrights.com/bare for more information.

Actors/Actresses Needed for Short Film
Posted By: theforeverclub@gmail.com  12/11/11  Website: Florida Actors
Young NYC-based director with major network credentials is casting for a short film, to be filmed between the 22nd and 27th of December. Specifically looking for teenagers and a couple in their mid 40s, but open to all ages. Please send headshot and resume. Prior acting experience preferred but not mandatory. As this is a low budget piece, payment is deferred. Filming mostly taking place in Naples/Isles of Capri, but open to travel. Thanks so much!
Job Location:  Naples/Isles of Capri/Marco Island
Job/Audition Date:  December 22-27.
Job Compensation:  Deferred.
Contact:  Please send headshot and resume to theforeverclub@gmail.com.

Roles Being Cast for Play in West Palm Beach
Posted By: theatre000@aol.com  09/17/11  Website: actorsrep_org
CASTING CALL FOR THE PLAY "Beyond Therapy" to open in November in the new theatre at Actor's Rep, West Palm Beach. 5 roles; men and women, late twenties - mid thirties; Two doctors, 1 female, 1 male, 30s to fifties. Call Bob Carter at 561-301-2588 for appointment.
Job Location:  West Palm Beach
Job/Audition Date:  Show opens in November.
Job Compensation:  TBA.
Contact:  Call Bob Carter at 561-301-2588 for appointment.

Audition for Singers or Actors
Posted By: jessica.haas@mymanatee.org  08/10/11  Website: The Powel Crosley Theater - AnnaMariaIsland-LongboatKey_com
The Powel Crosley Theater is holding open auditions on Wednesday, August 17, from 2pm-8pm, for "A Victorian Christmas at the Crosley" show scheduled December 13-24, and "Hemingway at the Crosley" show scheduled January 24-February 3. Rehearsal will start a week prior to open night. Appointments are preferred, but not required, please bring headshot and resume and prepare for acting and singing demonstrations. Phone number is 941-722-3244.
Job Location:  Sarasota Area
Job/Audition Date:  Audition: August 17th.
Job Compensation:  TBA.
Contact:  jessica.haas@mymanatee.org, 941-722-3244

Casting Call: Character Models & Escorts Needed in Miami Area
Posted By: monique@actioneventpros.com  08/09/11  Website: Welcome to Action!
Action! Events and Promotions Staffing Agency is looking for OUTGOING, responsible character models and escorts to work a fun event at the Marlins Ballpark!
REQUIREMENTS: Outgoing, friendly and reliable!
WHAT: You will be interacting with the crowd and getting them excited about the promo. This is a fun, well-paid event that you will be sure to enjoy.
DATE/TIME/LOCATION: Sunday August 14th from 9:30am to 5:00pm in Miami.
PAY RATE: $18/hr Character. $16/hr Escort.
Escorts Attire: Casual business attire: Black or khaki pants, white plain shirt with collar and no logos.
If interested, please EMAIL with the following:
- (SUBJECT: Miami Event)
- Name
- Phone number with area code
- Distance from location (must be under 35 miles)
- Experience
- 2 current and clear photos (in email)
MUST INCLUDE ALL OF THE ABOVE to receive response. CONTACT: Monique Tillman, monique@actioneventpros.com. If you can‚€™t work this event, but know someone who can ‚€“ please forward this info to them!
Job Location:  Miami
Job/Audition Date:  August 14.
Job Compensation:  $18/hr Character. $16/hr Escort.
Contact:  monique@actioneventpros.com.

Wanted: Actors and Singers
Posted By: fulfillinghispurpose@gmail.com  07/17/11  Website: FHP Entertainment - The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me‚€¶ Psalms 1388_com
Talented people ages 18-80 including all genders, races, and ethnicities who are serious about acting and singing are encouraged to audition for the return of FULFILLING HIS PURPOSE ENTERTAINMENT'S previously sold out and highly anticipated gospel stage play "Saved on Sunday." You have three opportunities to audition: Saturday, 7/16/11 in the auditorium of the Bradham Brooks Northwest Library, 1755 Edgewood Avenue from 11:00 am-1:00pm. Wednesday, 7/20/11 from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Auditorium of Charles Webb-Westconnett Regional Library, 6887 103rd Street. Lastly, Saturday, 7/23/11, from 10 am - 12 in the Highlands Regional Library auditorium, 1826 Dunn Ave. E-mail Fulfillinghispurpose@gmail.com for more information. Appointments are not necessary but are preferred. We're excited to hear from you! Currently this is a non-paying gig.
Job Location:  Jacksonville
Job/Audition Date:  Saturday, 7/16/11; Wednesday 7/20/11; Saturday 7/23/11.
Job Compensation:  Currently non-paying.
Contact:  fulfillinghispurpose@gmail.com.

Actors Needed for Short Film In Sarasota
Posted By: mlynch@righteousent.com  06/06/11  Website: www_righteousent_com
I am currently casting for my next short film. The name of the film is "Pique." It's a film about taking matters into your own hands to get revenge on someone who has done you wrong - but the results come back to haunt you. The following roles that need to be filled are below. Email me the role you want to read for, and send me your headshot and acting reel if possible.
David Hunt - Mid to upper 30's, Stephanie's husband, a ladies man.
Hitman #1 - clean cut, fit looking guy but will kill you in a heartbeat.
Hitman #2 - Mafia looking guy, Sopranos style.
Karen - 30's, beautiful woman with a good personality.
Steve - Homicide detective
Job Location:  Sarasota
Job/Audition Date:  6-4-2011 until roles are filled.
Job Compensation:  No pay, catering provided.
Contact:  Email headshot, reel and role you are interested in.

Casting Actors/Actresses for Short Film
Posted By: bunkum@morheadproductions.com  05/19/11  Website: MorheadProductions_com
We are looking for an eclectic group of actors and actresses who want to expand their experience with a short film. Actors/Actresses will be notified for an audition by the end of May/early June. The voice only actors/actresses will have a phone audition.
Synopsis: Today John Lamb was fired from his job and ignored by his ex-wife and daughter, but when his lifelong pursuit for a superpower is realized, it becomes a good day.
Character Breakdowns:
Pundit Show Host
Dick Saterbaum, Male, 50's, White, pundit, grew up in the foster care system, his bad experiences in the system grew into a belief of no government. A loyal believer. His son is a devoit leftist, and rejects everything his dad believes in.
Telenovela Character 1
Maria Paula, Female, late 20's-early 30's, Spanish speaking role, Her family owns an extremely successful flower business. She is next in line to be the head of the company; behind her father. Her whole life has been handed to her on a silver platter. When Veronica comes into her life as her father‚€™s new young smart secretary, she thinks Veronica is snooping to take the business away from her. She thinks Veronica flirts with everyone including her dad.
Telenovela Character 2
Veronica, Female, late 20's-early 30's, Spanish speaking role, Grew up in a middle class family who has supported and guided her throughout her life. She has had the same best friend since kindergarten, has danced for that long as well. Proficient in piano and music (she deals with different people by thinking of the kind of music that describes them).
Overworked Manager (voice only)
John Radcliff, Male, 40's, Hardworking man, practical, gives it to you straight, no niceties, used to be a mechanic. Holds jobs well, but often gets into quarrels that have the job get rid of him indefinitely. Now he has learned and is avoiding it at all costs.
Young Telemarketer (voice only)
Sales call, Male, late teens-early 20's. His first job out of college. The most important job of his life. This will make him a success in the future. His boss forces him to work his hardest. Loyal. Obeys. Internal. Very self-critical. Low self-esteem.
Estranged Ex-wife (voice only)
Vicky, Female, 40's, Vicky is a person who tries her hardest to make a bad situation good. She has been with lovers for either multiple years at a time or for one night stands. She is often the life of the party when she is single, but when in a relationship loyal and low-key. Most of the time she is unhappy b/c her father was an alcoholic who had no respect for women.
Rowdy Ex-gangster Neighbor (voice only)
Bato, Male, late 30's-early 40's, Hispanic, Retired thug who survived by fleeing his home town in his own witness protection program.
Job Location:  TBD in South Florida
Job/Audition Date:  Auditions will be held in early June.
Job Compensation:  $50-$100 depending on job.
Contact:  bunkum@morheadproductions.com

Promotional Specialists Wanted for Live Infomercials
Posted By: miami.audition@gmail.com  03/17/11  Website: USJesco_com Innovative Products Online
North America's leading product presentation company on QVC & Shopping Channel is currently seeking energetic, ambitious individuals to join our Miami Team. We are a unique, dynamic and rapidly growing company, looking for individuals whom can demonstrate a commitment to teamwork along with creativity, good humor and a high level of energy. $500-$800 per week with paid training! World travel available. Email miami.audition@gmail.com. Please include the city from which you are responding from!
Job Location:  Tampa, Orlando, Miami
Job/Audition Date:  TBA
Job Compensation:  $500-$800 a week
Contact:  miami.audition@gmail.com

Female Cohost Wanted For YouTube TV Show
Posted By: sdmack_7@yahoo.com  02/14/10  Website: Louis Mac Facebook
I'm producing a show to be aired on You Tube. Looking for an attractive, outgoing female co-host who resides in Broward or North Dade county, preferably a student majoring in broadcast communications, journalism, TV production or a non-student having similar interests. Anyone interested in this opportunity to get their feet wet or build up their resume, this is your chance. Initially this is a non-paying assignment, but could be subject to change. Person must enjoy movies. Please email a recent pic of yourself to sdmack_7@yahoo.com.
Job Location:  Broward, Dade County.
Job/Audition Date:  Ongoing.
Job Compensation:  No pay.
Contact:  Please email a recent pic of yourself to sdmack_7@yahoo.com.

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