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NOTE 12/22/12: Please do not wait until the last minute, or the day-of, an audition, and especially the actual job itself, to post your acting job offer. You will not get many responses if you do, and it is a waste of our time to even post it (If it is the day-of, we probably will not be able to post it in time, anyway, as it usually takes at least 24 hours for us to post your offer; actors would need a time machine to be able to do anything if it is posted the day after it happens. This has happened more than once, it's pointless, and we will no longer post anything the day-of; we require at least 72 hours advanced notice). Please post at least a few days before the job or audition. It takes time to properly cast anything, and casting is critical for the success of any project! Preparation is everything. Thank you!

To post your audition information and job offer listing to the Job Board, please send us the information specified below. Your ad will be reviewed, and you will be notified by e-mail when your post is on the board. This board is geographically specific to FL, and does not accept adult-oriented posts, or links to images/websites that contain nudity, or other material inappropriate for children to view. If your website contains adult content, please only supply a link to a sample image that is appropriate for the general public. We only post work available to industry talent in Florida. Posts stay up for approximately 6 months. We post listings generally within two business days of the time of receipt, excluding weekends and holidays. If you'd like talent to contact you in a way other than email, be sure to include that information in the job details. Student filmmakers and others without a company website can use their school's website, or a personal site, for example. If you have questions or problems concerning this board, or to update your current listing, please e-mail: FloridaActorsContact@yahoo.com

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