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03/28/16/1509 - Updates resume.
We have resumed updating the actor listings on Florida Actors, as of today.
Listings are free, although we can no longer post “Featured Florida Actors” listings with headshots or photographs on this web site; future actor listing will be links, only, in the general listing section for actors, which is on this page below the Featured Florida Actors.

On the upcoming new Florida Actors web site, featured actor listings with headshots and photographs will be reserved for the clients of Aurora PhotoArts. Featured actor listing are different from the general actor listings.
We removed an actor who no longer wishes to be listed here, today. Because they could not give us a satisfactory reason, they are no longer eligible to be listed on this web site (the post removed was a featured actor listing which took a great deal of time to format and add; removing this post wasted our time).
As of today, we are aware that some actor links may be outdated, and may no longer work. We do not have the time today to go through them. We will be adjusting content in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Removing actor information on this site: Please realize that we spend time, at our expense, to add and maintain talent and actor profiles in this section and on our site. This is not a portfolio networking site where maintenance is automated, and there are people in the loop whom have very busy schedules. If you want to remove your information, we require a reason. Note that this site is currently very high in search results for actors in Florida, and it is free advertising for you. Also, actors who are removed for any unacceptable reason will not be eligible to be re added, ever, and blaming this site for spam and scam emails that you get is not acceptable, as we have nothing to do with anyone harvesting information from this site (obviously, in order to market yourself, you have to have information out there, and cutting off your nose to spite your face only hurts you, and does not solve anything; if you do receive spam or some scam message which drops the name of this site, it is not only another party which has nothing to do with us, but at least you see it as it is and can ignore or delete it. We will not spam or scam anyone!). If you are concerned about spam, use a disposable freebie email account, and not your main one. Do not post personal information on this site, or any information which you do not want out there! Also, please realize that actors who are dependent entirely upon talent agencies to get work limit themselves. You are on here to promote yourself as an independent actor, which is provided as a courtesy at no charge, and we only ask that you respect our time. Thank you.

Amateur actors should obtain training not affiliated to or referred from any talent agency. Obtain training, headshots, and a resume before attempting to obtain agency representation, as this is the only way to ensure that the talent agent will get you work, like they are supposed to, and will not be able to sell you something. Your agent is only supposed to find you work, and they work for you.

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kenwork@aol.comName: Ken Horkavy   Headshot   Resume
Email: kenwork@aol.com  posted 04/02/12  Location: Central Florida
Work Interests: Broadcaster, commercials, Extra, film, host, indies, industrials, spokesperson, TV, videos.
Lookalike: Tom Cruise. (No photo available.)
Stats: Height: 5'7, Weight: 150 lbs, Hair: light brown, Eyes: blue.
Special Skills: Computers, filmmaking/editing/cinematography, writing, photography, camping, survivalist, kayaking, canoeing, FOREX trading, race car driver.
Other: My skills in the entertainment industry are extensive and varied. I have technical knowledge and experience on just about any position in filmmaking, television and documentaries. I have lived and worked in Florida/Miami, NYC and Los Angeles both in front of and behind the camera. I have also worked as a producer and/or technical advisor on various projects. References available.
Demo available: Yes: Fueled By The Fallen Memorial Race Car Team - Racing at Irwindale
Industry Affiliations: WGA.
Agent: Yes. Available upon request.

Frankie Fronte10/04/12 - Name: Frankie Fronte   Headshot   Resume
Email: frankiegfronte@aol.com Location:Orlando FL
My name is Frankie and I just moved to Orlando from NYC. I have countless experience in film, tv & theater.I attached a copy of my head shot and resume. I just moved to the area to work as a performer at Walt Disney World. I was most recently filming the third season of Showtimes "The Big C" in Connecticut! I have been modeling acting and singing my entire life. I am Looking for work in this new area.

The Big C - Frankie FronteWork Interests:theater, broadcaster, commercials, Extra, film, host, indies, industrials, spokesperson, TV, videos.
Other talent: Singer / dancer
Lookalike: N/A
Stats: Height 5'9 , Weight 171 , Hair color brown, Eye color blue
Special Skills: Stilts, Puppetry, Flag Twirling, Character Acting, Impersonations, Dialects, Stage Combat, High Kicks, Dance, Improvisation, High Notes, Broadway Belt, Falsetto, Lifeguarding, Drivers License
Demo available: Yes
Industry Affiliations: None
Union status: non
Agent: no

debsford@earthlink.netName: Deborah Smith Ford   Headshot   Resume
Email: debsford@gmail.com  posted 02/14/12  Location: Ft. Myers
Work Interests: Commercials, Extra, film, improv, indies, industrials, infomercials, TV, videos.
Dancer: Free style/Rock & Roll-danced as background in film.
Lookalike: MATRIX's Trinity: Photo.
TV's Charlie's Angel Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson): Photo.
Lilith from TV's Cheers and Frasier.
Saturday Night Live's & SUPERSTAR'S Mary Katherine Gallagher
Audrey Hepburn (See photo to left.)
The Queen of Narnia
Voiceover: Commercials, narrative.
Deborah as "Audrey Hepburn"Stats: Height: 5'8, Hair: dark brown, Eyes: hazel-green/brown.
Special Skills: Jazzercise, Teaching, Tennis, Bicycling, Hunter/Firearm Certified, Swimming, Volleyball, Drives Stick Shift, Pageant Judge.
Other: Has current passport.
Linda Zerne - Acting for the Camera
Lori Wyman Casting - TV & Film
Naples Studio - Teleprompter
Deborah as "Trinity" from The MatrixFlorida Repertory Theater - Delsarte Method
Tom Logan - Acting for TV & Film
Disney Institute - Radio Drama, Acting, Improv & TV Production
Edison College & Univ. of South Florida - Theater & Communications
Demo available: Yes.
Industry Affiliations: SAG eligible. AFTRA.
Agent: Image: (305) 375-0448. Publicist: Anne Laszlo-Howard, Los Angeles, Phone: 310-295-9578, www.annehowardpublicist.com

Free Listings for Actors

Name: Mac Ridgewood - Headshot - Posted 12/22/12
Email: macagnt@aol.com
Location: Daytona Beach
Work Interests: N/A
Other talent: Playing guitar-Singing-Voicework
Look a like: Baldwin Brothers
Stats: (Height 6'6, Weight,235 Hair color-black, Eye color-blue)
Special Skills: guitar-singing(mediocre)comedy,animation
Other: N/A
Demo available: http://www.youtube.com/user/biggdawwg
Industry Affiliations: none

10/30/12 - Actor Thomas Dubyna - Headshot - Resume
My name is Thomas Dubyna, my resume and pics, can be seen on my IMDB page either under Thomas or Tom Dubyna. Thanks for reviewing my IMDB page.
Name: Tom Dubyna
Email: tmd@roadrunner.com
Location: 3201 Vandenberg Ct. The Villages, Fl. 32163
Work interest: Film, Television,Commercial, Voice acting
Other talent:Athletics, most out of doors activities
Looks like: Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris
Stats: Ht. 6ft. 1in. Wt. 193 lbs. Salt/pepper hair blue eyes
Skills: Teleprompter,Earprompter,Marine Corp Veteran
No demo available
No agents in Florida yet, two back in Ohio that I used to use. Docherty Agency in Cleveland, and Cam Talent in Columbus.
Thank you again. Tom Dubyna/330-620-6853

Name: Michael Aingel   Headshot   Resume
Email: michael@michaelaingel.com  posted 04/10/12  Location: Boynton Beach
Work Interests: Background/Extra, Commercials, Industrials, Television.
Singer: Baratone/American Songbook - http://michaelaingel.com
Stats: Height: 5'10, Weight: 190 lbs, Hair: salt & pepper, Eyes: brown.
Special Skills: Computer, Golf, Football.
Demo available: www.michaelaingel.com/photosvideos.html
Industry Affiliations: Unaffilliated.
Agent: None.

Name: Jill Vanderoef   Headshot   Resume
Email: jilledythe@gmail.com  posted 10/01/11  Location: Palm Coast
Work Interests: Background/Extra, Commercials, Film, Host, Indie/student film, Industrials, Musical Theater, Stage, Television.
Dancer: Proficient in jazz, tap, ballet, and musical theatre dance. (BFA in music theatre from Elon University)
Singer: I can sight read, and have sung in many choirs. Legit soprano/belt: www.jillvanderoef.com/Media_CAIS.html
Stats: Height: 5'8, Hair: blonde, Eyes: blue.
Special Skills: Experienced in singing foreign languages, valid FL driver’s license, can drive stick, works well with kids. Member of Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society & Thespian Society.
Demo available: www.jillvanderoef.com.
Industry Affiliations: None.
Agent: None.

Name: Cory Morr   Headshot   No Resume.
Email: CoryMorr84@ymail.com  posted 06/17/11  Location: Naples
Work Interests: Background/Extra, Broadcaster, Comedian, Commercials, Film, Internet, Improv/Sketch, Indie/student film, Industrials, Infomercials, Stage, Stunts, Television.
Lookalike: Sylvester Stallone. (No photo available.)
Voiceover: www.youtube.com/KyleKatarn789
Stats: Height: 5'8, Weight: 169 lbs, Hair: black, Eyes: hazel.
Special Skills: Animation, writing, film editing, impersonations, producing, directing, boxing, martial arts and combat skills.
Other: I don't have an agent. I did a TV job in 2009 for Cartoon Network. www.icelandicultrablue.com. I played Guido in the last 15 minutes of the final edited segment. I'm in the process of training and taking classes to reinforce my techniques.
Demo available: www.youtube.com/KyleKatarn789.
Industry Affiliations: None.
Agent: None.

Name: Christine Alexander   Headshot   Resume
Email: christine@anythingarts.com  posted 06/06/11  Location: Sarasota
Work Interests: Background/Extra, Comedian, Commercials, Film, Host, Internet, Improv/Sketch, Indie/student film, Television.
Stats: Height: 5'7, Weight: 135 lbs, Hair: bald/brown, Eyes: hazel.
Special Skills: Improv, making funny faces, physical actor, loud laugher, hand model.
Other: I'm fun to work with and like to work hard.
Demo available: Actor's Demo.
Industry Affiliations: None.
Agent: Benz Talent: 813-242-4400

Name: Scott J. Smith   Headshot   Resume
Email: Scott@ScottJSmith.com  posted 05/13/11  Location: Jacksonville
Work Interests: Broadcaster, Commercials, Film, Host, Internet, Improv/Sketch, Industrials, Infomercials, Stage, Stunts, Television.
Lookalike: Joshua Jackson.
Voiceover: Audiobook, e-Learning, Film Narration - Demo
Stats: Height: 5'10, Weight: 180 lbs, Hair: brown, Eyes: hazel.
Special Skills: Commercial Pilot, Competitive Swimmer, Sign Language, Improvisation, Ear Prompter, Teleprompter, Stage Combat, Animal Friendly.
Demo available: Actor's Demo. Voiceover Demo - see link above.
Industry Affiliations: SAG Eligible.
Agent: FCT - (904) 356-4244

Name: Burt Richards   Headshot   Resume
Email: STADE2@juno.com  posted 01/04/11  Location: Boynton Beach/Boca Raton
Work Interests: TV.
Stats: Height: 5'9, Weight: 165 lbs, Hair: brown, Eyes: brown.
Special Skills: Dialectition, various voices, sing well, character actor.
Other: Creator writer musical biography of composers.
Demo available: No.
Industry Affiliations: SAG.
Agent: Bob Lewis

Name: Vitelle Webb   Headshot   Resume
Email: actressvitelle@gmail.com  posted 12/17/10  Location: Orlando/Will Travel
Work Interests: Videos.
Dancer: Hip Hop, Interpretative.
Singer: Soprano/Alto.
Stats: Height: 5'6, Weight: 120 lbs, Hair: brown, Eyes: hazel.
Special Skills: Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Live Events, Promotions, Cheer Leading, Public Speaking.
Other: I've been in the industry for over 10 years & have been full-time for the past 4 years. I am very dedicated & hard working! Visit my website to see more of my work! www.VitelleWebb.com
Demo available: No.
Industry Affiliations: None.
Agent: Jeff Callender: 407-332-0011 Ext. 102

Name: HeidiRae   Headshot   Resume
Email: heidirae2000@yahoo.com  posted 11/12/10  Location: Hollywood
Work Interests: Videos.
Stats: Height: 5'4, Weight: 118 lbs, Hair: blonde, Eyes: hazel.
Special Skills: Dancer, singer, roller skate, ice skate, jet ski, horseback rider, tennis, water sports.
Other: I perform on stage with a band and sing the blues. I also love acting in plays and on film sets. I have many talents so keep me in mind for the job. You can see my merchandise store at http://www.cafepress.com/heidirae Please take a look.
Demo available: No.
Industry Affiliations: None.
Agent: Me, I'm my own self-agent, I get my work projects: HeidiRae - Email: heidirae2000@yahoo.com

Name: Sean Collins   Headshot   Resume
Email: collinssean5@aol.com  posted 01/31/10  Location: Tampa/Clearwater
Work Interests: Commercials, Extra, film, improv, indies, infomercials, music videos, spokesperson, stunts, TV, theater, videos.
Stats: Height: 5'10, Weight: 190 lbs, Hair: silver, Eyes: green.
Special Skills: Stunt driver, golden glove boxer and trainer, small arms expert, aircraft maint and towing, pushing golf 9 handicap, have coached baseball, basketball, football and golf at the high school level.
Demo available: Yes.
Industry Affiliations: SAG, AFTRA.
Agent: Cynthia Model and Talent: 727-395-0694

Name: Elizabeth Rapplean   Headshot   No Resume.
Email: rapp_summer@yahoo.com  posted 01/10/10  Location: Fort Lauderdale
Work Interests: Commercials, Extra, film, host, indies, industrials, infomercials, music videos, spokesperson, TV, theater, videos.
Dancer: Hip Hop.
Lookalike: Gwyneth Paltrow. (No photo available.)
Stats: Height: 5'9, Weight: 135 lbs, Hair: blonde, Eyes: blue.
Special Skills: Dance.
Other: I have experience.
Demo available: No.
Industry Affiliations: None.
Agent: (No name given.) 954-401-6090

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