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In association with our sister site, Florida Models, and Amazon.com, Florida Actors recommends the following selection of titles that actors and other industry talent may find helpful whether they are new, or already in the industry.

Books - Acting Information and Recommended Reading

Amazon Books
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It's the Audition, Stupid!: The Jobbing Actor's Handbook
by Brendan McNamara
Paperback - 144 pages - (June 2011)

Former actor turned casting director Brendan McNamara's essential companion for every jobbing and aspiring actor on how to deal with the tough demands of the casting process.
The Actor In You: Sixteen Simple Steps to Understanding the Art of Acting
by Robert Benedetti
Paperback - 160 pages - (Jan 2011)

By drawing the principles of acting from observations about everyday behavior, this text shows students how they already possess many acting skills. Acclaimed for its direct and enjoyable writing style, The Actor in You draws on exercises and examples from students’ everyday lives, well-known plays, and popular television programs to lead the beginning student through the process of creating a role. Organized in sixteen steps that can correspond to the weeks of a typical semester, the fourth edition of The Actor in You continues to provide a direct, concise presentation of acting fundamentals for beginning students.
Actors' Yearbook 2011: Essential contacts for stage, screen and radio
by Hilary Lissenden
Paperback - 512 pages - (Dec 2010)

Actors' Yearbook is a leading contacts directory for finding work in television, film, radio and theatre. Its listings include all sections of the industry, from agents and casting directors to producing theatres, showreel companies and photographers. Articles provide a valuable insight into the profession, auditions, interviews and securing work. The information in this edition has been thoroughly updated and the companies and individuals listed are expertly selected to offer the very best and most reliable contacts.
Act or Die: Be More, Do Less. Tuning the Actor's Instrument for Movies and TV
by Rick Edelstein
Paperback - 150 pages - (Dec 2010)

This is a how-to book for actors. It offers a realistic, organic approach to being in character and creatively dealing with the script’s demands despite the challenges of TV & movies, which do not always support the actor’s process.
Actor's Choice: Scenes for Teens
by Jason Pizzarello (Editor)
Paperback - 200 pages - (Sep 2010)

Perfect for any two actors, featuring over forty unique scenarios (all under ten minutes) with fascinating characters from new plays created specifically for young actors. Includes works from Jon Jory, Liz Duffy Adams, Timothy Mason, C. Denby Swanson, Jonathan Rand, Naomi Iizuka, Burgess Clark, Pulitzer Prize–winner David Lindsay-Abaire, and many more.
102 Great Monologues: A Versatile Collection of Monologues and Duologues for Student Actors
by Rebecca Young
Paperback - 153 pages - (Sep 2010)

This is a sequel collection of winning monologues in the style and format of "100 Great Monologs" by the same author. Rebecca Young knows how teenagers think and act - and what they like to talk about. These monologues and duologues may be used for auditions, class assignments or contest competitions. With such a wide variety of topics, there is a monologue to fit any student's personality. All of the monologues are non-theatrical in style - they speak as teenagers live. Easy to stage.
How To Become A Movie Star In Ten Steps - Plus Actor's Reference Links: Be A Star
by Joseph Verola
Paperback - 134 pages - (Aug 2010)

Every day "A Star is Born", and it can be you! Like in every profession there are basics which cannot be ignored or denied. Many movie stars spend numerous years struggling to learn these basics in order to get to the top. This "How to Become a Movie Star in Ten Steps" cuts through the mass of information, which you'll need in your pursuit of stardom. Each of the ten steps is succinct, to the point, and without mind boggling and unnecessary details. It will guide and aid you in the absolute essentials of becoming a movie star; starting with a creative visualization of your first Academy Award; preparing to be an actor; setting realistic goals; suggested readings; movies to study; preparing a perfect monologue; head shot formats & sample resumes; actor's survival necessities; key cinema trade subscriptions, suggested unions to join, getting an agent; listings of agents and managers; top acting classes and secrets to joining them; getting a job in independent films, theater and student films as an extra; What Not To Do, and more.
I GOT IN! The Ultimate College Audition Guide For Acting And Musical Theatre
by Mary Anna Dennard
Paperback - 110 pages - (June 2010)

Nationally recognized college audition coach, Mary Anna Dennard, shares her expertise on how to prepare for the highly competitive college audition process. Included are: Exclusive audition tips from college auditors, list of colleges with performing arts degrees, guidance on monologues, songs, wardrobe, head shot and resume, and how to schedule college auditions.
Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It's Like Behind the Mic
by Yuri Lowenthal
Paperback - 256 pages - (March 2010)

This book offers a comprehensive look at what it takes, what goes on, and what it's like behind the mic from two working pros. In this book, you will discover: * The ins and outs of auditioning * Vocal warm-ups and exercises * Tips for reading copy to maximum effect * Hints to help you stand out * Keys to marketing yourself: demo to agent to job * What to expect when you book the job!
25 Things Every Actor Should Know Before Coming to Hollywood
by Shavar Ross
Paperback - 32 pages - (Nov 2009)

Would-be actors from all over the world crave Hollywood stardom without first considering the basics of what it takes to survive in Tinseltown. Because of this ignorance, many return from whence they came, dreams unfulfilled. Veteran actor Shavar Ross shares 25 common sense principles for aspiring actors eager to make the trek to Hollywood.
Secrets from the Casting Couch: On-camera Strategies for Actors
by Nancy Bishop
Paperback - 224 pages - (Sep 2009)

A practical workbook written from a casting director's point of view, Secrets from the Casting Couch teaches actors the craft of film casting in front of camera. It shows how actors can work with today's Internet technologies to get cast and features advice and actual exercises that actors can apply to achieve results in the casting studio.
Basics of the Biz: A Holistic Approach to Becoming an Actor
by Rachel Galvin
Paperback - 184 pages - (July 2009)

From bare-bones living in the belly of the Hollywood beast to becoming a South Florida indie queen, entertainment expert Rachel Galvin has seen the film industry inside and out. She shares her knowledge on how to not only survive, but thrive in this dog-eat-dog world of acting!
Essential Acting
by Brigid Panet
Paperback - 276 pages - (April 2009)

How do actors fuse thought, emotion, and action within their creative process? "Essential Acting" is an inspired and reliable toolbox for actors and teachers in the classroom, the rehearsal room and the workshop. RADA's Brigid Panet has distilled 50 years of acting, directing and actor training into a unique recipe which brilliantly combines the teachings of Stanislavski and Laban into an invaluable practical resource.
The Tao of Show Business: How to Pursue Your Dream Without Losing Your Mind
by Dallas Travers
Paperback - 210 pages - (Feb 2009)

The Tao of Show Business dispels the industry myths that keep actors stuck. This book generously offers a delightful, practical, and digestible approach to mastering the entertainment industry one day at a time. Through inspiring examples and unique insight, Dallas Travers outlines how to live the day-to-day life of an actor. Readers gain out-of-the-box strategies for business mastery along with powerful exercises for personal growth. This book reveals over forty essential tools that allow actors to discover a personal path to acting success while enjoying the ride.
Demo Reel Secrets for Actors: How You Can Supercharge Your Reel and Book More Work
by Derrick Boelter
Paperback - 160 pages - (Dec 2008)

A solid demo reel is one of the most vital marketing tools that an actor can have to get consistent work in television, commercials, and film. However, many of the demo reels that are submitted contain glaring errors which can hurt an actor's chances of getting hired. Demo Reel Secrets for Actors: How You Can Supercharge Your Reel and Book More Work presents the ins and outs of creating a successful demo reel, with hundreds of tips and tricks that most video editors won't even tell you about.
Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business
by Bonnie Gillespie
Paperback - 520 pages - (Nov 2008)

No other book for actors focuses so succinctly on the business of self-management. Whether an actor has an agent and manager on his or her team or is going it alone, "Self-Management for Actors" will provide a roadmap for surviving and thriving in the entertainment industry.
The Organic Actor: Insider's Secrets to Auditioning for Film and Television
by Lori Wyman
Paperback - 280 pages - (Oct 2008)

The Organic Actor is a unique book, combining the technical with the psychological aspects of the auditioning for film and television world. This book deals with concerns that affect every actor who auditions. It is a MUST READ if you intend to pursue acting as your career or even if you'd just like to dabble in it. Lori is considered one the top casting directors in the entire southeastern United States and continues to cast high profile projects.
Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road
by Jeffrey P. Fisher, Harlan Hogan
Paperback - 275 pages - (Oct 2008)

This book shows both aspiring and established voiceover actors how to set up and effectively use their own inexpensive -- but professional-sounding -- personal recording studio to make professional-quality home recordings quickly and easily. Everything is covered to help you get auditions and jobs, from setting up your studio with the right hardware and software, recording at home, and production basics, to promotion, podcasting, and advanced production. This new edition of this bestselling bible for voiceover home recording has been completely updated to cover all the exciting new technology and delivery options currently available.
Acting -- Make It Your Business: How to Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a Working Actor
by Paul Russell
Paperback - 320 pages - (Sep 2008)

It’s all here: marketing, auditions, agents, handling rejection, negotiating, money management, staying healthy, dealing with people, and much more. Interviews with working actors and agents add extra depth to Russell’s analysis, along with extra tips, tricks, and truths. Want to make it in acting? Then make it your business to get this book.
Creative Colleges: A Guide for Student Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers
by Elaina Loveland
Paperback - 320 pages - (June 2008)

Everything students need to know about deciding which type of program is the best for them is included—from taking standardized tests and filing for financial aid to focusing on specific needs such as preparing for auditions and creating artistic portfolios. More than 125 art, drama, dance, music, and creative writing programs in arts conservatories, liberal arts colleges, and universities are profiled with such critical information as degrees offered, concentrations, faculty information, cost of attendance, scholarship availability, and alumni accomplishments.
Acting A to Z: The Young Person's Guide to a Stage or Screen Career
by Katherine Mayfield
Paperback - 192 pages - (July 2007)

This book is a comprehensive nuts-and-bolts acting encyclopedia. It addresses aspects of acting not usually written about, such as conservatory theater education, how to make a living while acting, and what to expect if you make it big. It explores the profession of acting from the general (career overview) to the specific (monthly expense budgets), from the nuts and bolts (resumes and headshots) to the esoteric (trusting your instincts). Includes practical advice on networking, casting, education, self-esteem, self-promotion, and preparation.
Step Up to the Mic: A Positive Approach to Succeeding in Voice-Overs
by Rodney Saulsberry
Paperback - 136 pages - (March 2007)

This inspirational voice-over guide will teach you how to take control of your career with the power of positive thinking. Rodney Saulsberry shares his methods to turn fear and self-doubt into confidence and success. Plus, get advice from many of the top voice-over performers in the business that includes: Don LaFontaine, The King of Movie Trailers and Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson.
Acting Career Start-up: Four Key Factors For Success
by Anthony L Smith
Paperback - 246 pages - (Jan 2007)

Are you new to this business of acting and not really sure if you're doing the right things to start your career? Or maybe you don't really know where to begin? Or do you just simply want more out of your acting career? If any of those things are true for you, you have two choices. Either continue doing what you have been doing and hope that something will change, or you can change your approach by aggressively and systematically going after what it is you desire-the acting career you really want.


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