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10/04/12 - Looking for a acting school. Or no needed for acting school. Or acting job.

Hi. My name is Paul and i am from St. Petersburg Florida. I am looking acting drama school in states. But i am stil in Switzerland. My goal is to be a actor one day. If it is on the stage or film acting, i do not really care. Just want to be in a acting rolle as a job. I did once playing in a stage musical called Space Dream. That was in Winterthur Switzerland in 2003. Please send any infos to my responsible person at xxxx or send me the same email xxxxx adresse from the stil email i send you. Or at my place. Thanks.

Hello Paul. You can learn acting my participating in your local community theatre, or learning from an experienced actor. Here in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, there are a number of acting schools which, in my opinion, are legitimate. Please note, however, that I am not responsible for any interactions that you have with them, that this is an opinion, and not advice, and that this is for information only and that you act on your own risk. I am in no way directly affiliated with any party listed here, and do not make a dime off of them for referrals, either; I am merely stating my opinion.

Venue Acting Studio, Saint Petersburg, Florida
I've heard good things about this company from some very good actors. In my opinion, this is one of the few legitimate acting schools in the Tampa Bay area. This could be the best choice for those who are starting out, because the instruction is on a more personal level. The actors who have come out of this studio are among the best in the Tampa Bay area (I know this because I am also an actor, as well as a casting director, and I've seen their performances. Rod Grant is one of them, and he is an awesome actor!).

Patel Conservatory. Straz Center for the Performing arts, Tampa, Florida.
This is my top pick for acting instruction, personally, and actors rave about it. An outstanding value for anyone wishing to learn skills as an actor. I'm tempted to invest in this, myself, to grow as an actor.

Jack Amos, Tampa Bay, Florida
Jack Amos is one of the most talent, experienced, and versatile actors that I know of in the Tampa Bay area, with a long list of impressive credits. He also offers private coaching. As an actor, I can only aspire to be as good as he is.

Those are my picks for acting instruction in Florida, Paul, and I'm sorry that I do not know of more in the State of Florida, as I am in the Tampa Bay area myself (as are you, so there you go!). Are there more choices? Maybe. I've heard good things about First Impressions on Davis Island, which is near downtown Tampa (and I am also impressed that, when I saw ads for First Impressions in the local paper, that they were honest about what they were in business to do, unlike the scams which advertise jobs and then try to get you to buy something when you respond! This is a good sign, in my opinion!). There are also some acting schools listed in our Industry Links section, but I do not know anything about them, especially as they were added by the previous owners of Florida Actors. As far as the others, such as the national modeling and acting schools, my opinion is that they are overpriced, and wastes of time. Also, be aware that Tampa Bay is loaded with all sorts of acting, talent, and modeling scams, and I consider it to be the talent scam capital of Florida. Some of these scams have enhanced what they do by taking information from my talent resource sites and trying to sell it back to talent to boost their credibility (It bothers me to think that my free modeling and talent resource sites have actually enhanced the scams here in the Tampa Bay area, but they have because these con artists learn more about the business, and the industry, from my sites. As a result, the modeling and talent scams here in the Tampa Bay area are probably the most sophisticated in the world. I have new ways of fighting this, however, and my sites are always way ahead of the scams).
As a rule of thumb, avoid talent management companies, and avoid responding to acting jobs advertised in the newspaper (I've never seen a single one which is not a scam. They bait you in with a job offer, will then sell you services before they will "consider" you for the job/ audition, or before they refer you to it. This is bait and switch, and it is deceptive advertising!). Do NOT go to any talent agency for referrals to acting schools or headshots, as they should only be used as a source of acting jobs after you have invested in training and marketing tools such as actor headshots. Also, never buy anything from anyone advertising or offering an acting job! That is beside the point, however, because if you need training as an actor, or should not try to audition or land a role! You need to learn acting, first; no one is going to "discover you", or offer you a role on talent alone. You have to have the skill and the range as an actor to back it up.
Hope this helps.
C. A. Passinault
Florida Actors



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